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2021 Training Calendar

We are pleased to share with you an overview of our 2021 Training Calendar which includes Training Academy events, Annual Conference, Mortgage Clinics, webinars and monthly areas of focus. We will email Ingard Network Members and DA Brokers who have registered to receive communications from us, in the run-up to each Training Academy event and webinar, to invite you to register to confirm your place. Additional training events and webinars will be added to this calendar throughout the course of the next 12 months and we will contact you to inform you of any exciting new additions.


If you would like to join us on Zoom for our Mortgage Clinics (small group training sessions), then please inform Neil on the below contact details at least 5 working days in advance of each session. These sessions are exclusively for Ingard Network Members.

Ingard Mortgage Clinics: Neil Mulhearn – 01702 538 818 or n.mulhearn@ingard.co.uk

During each Mortgage Clinic, you will have the opportunity to discuss existing cases, new enquiries, system queries or any other matters.



12/01/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic

20/01/2021 – Webinar: BTL’s – Fleet Mortgages



16/02/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic

24/02/2021 – Live Webinar



March 2021 – The Pulse

17/03/2021 – Live Webinar: Compliance

23/03/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic



13/04/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic

21/04/2021 – Live Webinar



11/05/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic

19/05/2021 – Live Webinar



08/06/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic

16/06/2021 – Live Webinar: Compliance



06/07/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic

15/07/2021 – Live Webinar



10/08/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic

18/08/2021 – Live Webinar



September 2021 – The Pulse

07/09/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic

15/09/2021 – Live Webinar



12/10/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic

20/10/2021 – Live Webinar: Compliance 



09/11/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic

17/11/2021 – Live Webinar



December 2021 – The Pulse

07/12/2021 – Virtual Mortgage Clinic

15/12/2021 – Live Webinar


Polite Reminder for Ingard Network Members

Please take the time to record the dates of the Training events in your calendar – these are compulsory events which you are required to attend. If for any reason you are unable to attend one of these events, please make a member of our Broker Support Team aware at your earliest opportunity.