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Life And Critical Illness Insurance Webinar

This webinar will focus on life and critical illness insurance and will be run in partnership with new to the market provider, Guardian. Click here to register.

Guardian launched into the market last month with a proposition that challenges typical protection norms. They believe there’s a better way to give you and your clients what you need. For Guardian, ‘better’ isn’t about changing one big thing. It’s about constantly improving lots of little things that collectively make a big difference.

Just two examples are:

Simple, clear definitions: They’ve simplified their policy wording to make cover easier for you to recommend and for customers to understand.

Unique customer promise: If their critical illness definitions improve, in most cases they’ll apply the improvements to existing customers’ policies completely free of charge.


Topics Covered on Life and Critical Illness Insurance Webinar:

  • Who is Guardian?
  • Discover how Guardian is making life better
  • How to submit business

 Join the webinar to learn more about Guardian’s new exciting proposition.


Here to Help

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